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PM2.5 Detector

? WIFI connection

? The Aluminium alloy on all the surface

? Corning third-generation gorilla glass

? 2.5D arc screen design

? 2400mA high-capacity battery, only 240g weight

? Strict correction, data accuracy error <± 10%

AC06 Air Purifier

? WIFI connection, and metal plate surface

? H11 high efficiency filter, CADR value 600m3 / h

? 254 band sterilization special UVC

? With negative ions, dust free and fresh

? Surrounded by suction into the air, four-fold dust adsorption

CV-T100 Air Purifier

? CARD value reach 100m3 / H, Max noise<54dB, use for Auto and indoors

? Autonomous AIT light ion purification

? Precise particulate matter, carbon dioxide sensor

? Work with blueteeth 4.0, APP control

Kitchen Helper Robot

? Can cook noodles, rice, Steamed bread

? Heating system,and can cook at anytime

? Automatic detection of water, fingers do not touch the water,and can cook yanchun noodles

? Self-clean,quickly clean

? 7-inch screen, voice control, remote control, pad variable music

D300 Air Purifier

? CADR 300m3 / H, PM2.5 Purification rate >99%

? Real-time display of PM2.5, TVOC values

? Automatic photographic, quiet sleep

? Autonomous AIT light ion purification

? Touch UI interface, APP remote real-time monitoring

X80 Air Purifier

? High CADR value ( 750m3 / h ) , Low noise ( Precision range 23 to 55dB )

? Germany EBM custom fan, original imported

? Four step grate filter structure

? Mitsubishi PMMA materials

? 5 inchs TFT color screen

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